I’ve lived in Seattle for the past 25 years, and even though I am proudly from the East Coast (near the Berkshires), Seattle really does feel like home. Before I became a real estate agent, I spent many years designing, developing and marketing home products with several Seattle-based home and textile businesses. I see the potential of spaces and I have an eye for the details that matter most when you’re buying or selling a home.

You really know with Deirdre that she just loves finding the right house for you, not just selling you any house, which is an important distinction. Any agent can sell you a house, but Deirdre helps you find a home in the right location and in your price range.
— Heather H
Deirdre is an incredible professional who knows how to flawlessly combine her particular expertise with her clear understanding of people and their emotional connection to house and home. She guided me gently through the sale of the grand house I had lived in for over 30-years, and doggedly joined me in my 3-year pursuit of a new place to call home. I can say without reservation I could not have done it without her.
— Hilary B.
We can’t thank you enough for all of your time, energy, effort and excellent advice as we went through the process of making an offer on that sweet little home on Summer Hill Lane! We are still crushed that we didn’t get it, but we couldn’t have been in better hands as we navigated the process and made a run at it. You are brilliant in what you do and we so appreciate all you did for us in those intense few days. Enjoy this wine as a small reflection of our thanks. Here’s to the next one working out in our favor.
— Britt, Jonathan, Elin
Not sure what kind of magic you made happen to help us get the barn, but when I saw this couple on the card using the ol’ distract them and act casual” technique you and Jan came to mind, and without saying your experience and knowledge backing up your technique. Huge gratitude!
— Lisa