Enrica & Chris

Deirdre was the only listing agent that we talked to and we felt connected with her even before we seriously considered making an offer on the house. We’ve had some bruising encounters with listing agents in our house hunt. Also, as we portrayed in our letter to the sellers, we think buying or selling a house is a very personal experience for a family. We can relate to the sellers feelings as they considered our offer. We much prefer this kind of human interaction to cold, money-driven, business-only transactions. Deirdre’s gracious and forthcoming approach contributed to making our buying experience very personal and positive. — ENRICA & CHRIS

Cathy J.

I wanted to thank you so very much! We couldn’t have hoped for anything better! I was sweating this one our and I think you may have as well — and you did it! It was your skill at marketing that helped my father achieve such a great price for his house. You did such a great job with the rehab (notice I didn’t say fix-up). You were the best general contractor ever, and because of all your time and effort and your knowledge it sold far above our expectations. Thank you for caring so much about the welfare of my father.— CATHY J.

Darcy D.

Deirdre came forth with a stream of solid, competent and reasonable experts (foundation, chimney, sewer line) to check all the aspects of the house we ended up buying, and gave us a clear idea of what we were looking at in terms of needed repairs and associated cost. She was able to talk with us as a person who remodels houses, which is what we need since we’re pretty inexperienced with that and expect to have to fix/remodel things in the new one.— DARCY D

Brian V.

Deirdre was kind and patient under duress. The sale of our home was a bit more difficult than we anticipated. She handled it well and we did not. If not for her, I don’t know what would have happened. We felt very comfortable asking her odd/uncomfortable questions, and she didn’t blink. We felt she was very honest and helpful with answers. She helped ease the stressors along the way, and she definitely handled our unease with grace.— BRIAN V.

Andi & Lynn

Thank you for every single thing large and small you did to help Lynn sell his home. You were there for us from the very moment we said, “let’s do this.” You held our hands and jumped right along with us. We just always knew that you would be the right person to sell our home. Wishing you continual success and happiness.— ANDI & LYNN

Darcy D. 2

It was nice to have her as a sounding board for what was and was not acceptable in a prospective house based on the work that would be required. Deirdre was a great communicator who advocated for us and was on the same page with us throughout the process. She was particularly helpful in helping us think through the fix/remodel parts of the new house.— DARCY D.